We design the best quality exhibition stands for your up-coming exhibitions!

We have a high professional and experienced design team to design your exhibition stands with 100% new ideas and quality.


As a leading exhibition company in UAE, we are proud of our unique and customized approach to out stand the corporate brand in any exhibition locally, regionally, and internationally.

From a sketch in a meeting to a full 3D / exhibition stand design prototype, our work as an exhibition contractor manufacturing the clients’ vision while assuring them that what they see is what they get.

Exhibition design company, Exhibition booth design, and exhibition stand contractor are the main services that we are proud of providing to our clients.



Does Tip Top have its own design studio with professional designers who can help me design my exhibition stand?

Tip Top has its own design studio, as well as a trained design team. Our designers are gathered from some of the best design institutes and they are adept in working on the latest design software. Our design studio has next generation computers and software required to generate high quality 3D CAD designs. Our team of experienced professional designers, are conversant with every nuance of exhibition design and they will develop a unique design that will bring the best out of your branding and products in any exhibition or event. Our designers will take a detailed brief from you and guide you throughout the design process. We will support you at every step of your exhibition stand building project and make sure that you only get the best in concept and design.

What should I look for when designing my exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand?

First you must be sure of your purpose for participating in a particular exhibition. The intention of your participation in an exhibition must be absolutely clear; this will then need to be conveyed visually through design and concept on to your exhibition stand. If the purpose of your participation is to meet prospects and convert them into your clients, then the design of your exhibition stand should distinctly showcase your brand and your products USPs. Remember an attractive exhibition stand helps you stand apart from the crowd in an exhibition. A few pointers for great exhibition stand design:

  • The exhibition stand must be distinct and neat and clean
  • The exhibition stand graphics must portray the company’s brand and core slogan conspicuously
  • The exhibition stand must be designed in a way that its build up is achievable within the stipulated deadline
  • Every detail right from colour scheme, product display, signage and furniture must be in sync in the exhibition stand
  • The position of the exhibition stand on the show floor is important; a good position assures you of attracting a lot more visitors
  • The exhibition stand design must include space for storage and if possible a pantry

Does Tip Top have its own image/photo bank? Can I use these pictures in my exhibition stand design?

Tip Top has its own image/photo bank, where we have thousands of images for hundreds of situations and topics. Our images are very helpful if you do not have a certain kind of image required for your exhibition stand graphic design and do not want to get into the hassle and expense of organizing a photo shoot. We also buy stock photos on behalf of our clients, every picture sourced from our photo bank or stock photo source are copyright paid so you never have to face any copyright issues ever. Advantage of using images from Tip Top’s Photo Bank

  • Very large collection of images from all over the world
  • Many search options, themes and activities
  • Very economical, much cheaper than organizing a photo shoot
  • High resolution images, ideal for large blow ups
  • Ready to use, saves you time and money

Warning!! Using copyrighted images from the internet without buying the rights is illegal.

Can Tip Top create the design and layout of my exhibition stand?

We shall gladly design your exhibition stand; in fact this is our forte. All you need to do is give us a detailed brief and we shall handle the rest. Based on your brief and particular needs we will get our designers to generate a detailed 3D design and give you a presentation. Based on your feedback we will fine tune the design to your complete satisfaction and on your go ahead we will convert the design to reality by manufacturing your modular or custom modular exhibition stand. To create a design and convert it into a fabulous exhibition stand please contact Tip Top Design Team

What is the normal turnaround time between finalizing a design and getting the delivery of an exhibition stand?

It is difficult to put an exact number of days required to manufacture your exhibition stand once you finalize the design. The time frame depends on many factors such as complexity of design, the number elements, the size of the stand, the type of material used in the exhibition stand etc. We can safely say that to manufacture and deliver a simple modular exhibition stand we need a turnaround time of 10 days at a minimum. For more exact turnaround times, please talk to your dedicated project manager, our project managers are trained and have the experience to give you exact time frames for delivery of your exhibition stands depending on the design opted for.


Exhibition Stand Design 95%
Exhibition Stand Production / Installation 93%
Dedicated Team 100%
On-Time Delivery 100%
New Ideas & Quality 96%